traveling for your health


Traveling is good for your health. It helps you to maintain your physical and mental health with various exciting activities - a total game changer from your daily life routine.


Here are several reason why traveling good for your health:


1. Fun exercise to lose weight

Whether you’re traveling to a new city or country, you are curious to explore more about new culture and environment. You will constantly walking around and it’s actually good because people tend to walk more while doing sightseeing in an unfamiliar place.


Sure you will eat out more, but you will find it much easier to create a calorie deficit.  By making the most of your time in a new environment, you can still enjoy the local cuisine while sticking to your diet. Especially if you’re traveling to Japan or China where they have major focus on healthier and more fulfilling diet.


Other than losing weight, walking can also create a healthier heart and lungs. Your whole cardiovascular system will thank you, along with your blood pressure!


2. A challenge to your brain


Travel can help to improve the brain health. During travelling, you can challenge yourself daily - think of new experience, learning new lesson (like diving, hiking, or camping skills) that actually training and strengthening your brain muscle constantly.


More and more, you also get to do something fun and increasing a number of happy hormones that are released into your body!


3. Stress-free


Getting away from your daily stress is important to maintain your health. Stress could lead to   raise in your blood pressure and affect your mental health. Hence, we all need a work and life balance.


Scientist also have found that those who travel regularly actually shown improvement on their overall health!.


Now, where would you go for your next traveling destination?

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