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Our mission has always been, and always will be to help people live healthier lives by making the healthiest products.

Daily we are pushed by retails to make products with a longer shelf life which are easy to manage. Since we do not use preservatives, at the moment plastic pouches are the most suitable way of doing that BUT this does not mean that our pouches are SINGLE USE.

This is why we have launched our RE-GROW campaign… our effort to encourage you to re-use the packaging. In partnership with Logika we are very excited to bring you this fun tomato growing kit!


We will be providing you free TOMATO PLANTING KITS with every BITES packaging. Each Tomato planting kit will have seeds & instructions how to use Mia Chia packaging as a flower pot to grow your own tomato plant.


Lots of things!

  1. Plastic does not need to be single use. By recycling our packaging you can avoid using other products.

  2. Supply you with yummy cherry tomatoes for your salad from rainbow looking flower pots.

  3. Provide you with a fun activity you can do at home by yourself or with your kids.


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