Why Healthy Food is Important?


There are a lot of advantages that healthy eating can do for your children’s development. There are several major advantages that will be caused by healthy eating habit from early age:


  1. Maintain a healthy weight

  2. Stabilize children’s energy

  3. Sharpen their minds

  4. Can help to prevent depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and ADHD.

  5. Manage the symptoms of a mental health problem and regain control of their health

Although we know that there are a lot of benefits that comes from healthy eating, we also have to acknowledge and understand the children’s crave towards specific food. As the children are easily exposed to many unhealthy food options (Fried Chicken, Pizza, Ice Cream), it is important to know how to create a food craving conversion to a healthier options. This could be done as simply as starting from their breakfast meal.


Breakfast is important to start your day. The sooner you introduce the nutritious food to your children, the sooner they will be able to adjust and change their diet preference. Eating breakfast are known to play a major role to have better memories, more energy and stable moods throughout the day. Healthy breakfast can start from boiling your eggs instead of frying it. Moreover, you can also teach your kid to consume more fruits and let them observe any significant effect that they feel after changing their diet.

While trying to introducing the healthy food options, you must refrain from excessive calorie counting or any negative issue regarding the body weight. This is important to prevent the children to refrain from any excessive negative perceptions with food. You can try to elaborate the healthy food advantages to their hobbies such as ‘Eating carrot would keep your eye healthy’, ‘eating protein will make you stronger, like your basketball idol!’.

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