Tasty Food Swapping Ideas!


Consuming too much processed foods, such as sweet desserts (especially Martabak Manis!), fried food, junk food, can lead to a higher risk of depression. More and more, caffeine from soda and energy drink can also trigger anxiety in kids.


In order for us to eliminate unhealthy fat, calories and poor nutrition food for our children, we need to find a healthier food alternatives. Here are some ideas of ‘food swapping’ so you can give the healthiest choices possible for your kids.

  1. FRENCH FRIES         to           BAKED FRIES

  2. ICE CREAM                to          SORBET

  3. FRIED CHICKEN        to          GRILLED CHICKEN

  4. DOUGHNUT               to          ENGLISH MUFFIN

  5. COOKIES                     to          UNSALTED CRACKERS

  6. POTATO CHIPS          to          VEGETABLES

  7. LOW FAT MILK          to          GREEK YOGURT

  8. ORANGE JUICE         to          WHOLE ORANGE FRUIT

  9. WHITE BREAD          to          MULTIGRAIN BREAD

  10. MIXED NUTS             to          UNSALTED TRAIL MIX

  11. MILK CHOCO            to        DARK CHOCOLATE

  12. FRIED EGGS              to          HARD BOILED EGGS

  13. SODA                          to           WATER

  14. WHITE RICE              to           BROWN RICE

  15. MAYONNAISE           to           MUSTARD

Keep in mind that you need to watch the portion size as well. You can try to trick it by ordering the children’s menu or go for the smallest size - it will help to satisfy your child’s craving without tempting overindulgence.

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