Fast food effects to your body


Stopping by the drive-thru or your favorite fast food restaurant can be a temptation to a bad healthy habit that is irresistible.


According to some research, people (or millennials) nowadays can spend up to 44% of their money on eating out. While eating fast food occasionally wouldn’t hurt, a continuous habit of it can cause several bad impacts on your health.




Sodium (Salt) can make food tastier to some people. But having a high sodium meal may cause you to feel bloated, or swollen after eating.


One fast-food meal could have half your day’s worth of sodium.  Salt actually makes you hungry, not thirsty. Moreover, sodium can also elevate blood pressure and put stress on your heart.


Sugar and Transfat


A whole meal set of fast food is loaded with carbohydrates that are extremely lack of fiber and little nutrition. When you are trying to digest it, the carbs are released as sugar in your bloodstream and your blood sugar increases.


Overly eating high amounts of carbs can lead to high blood sugar spikes where it can affect insulin resistance, weight gain, and type 2 diabetes.


More and more, the trans fat - a fat that is created during food processing and contains no good to our body is commonly found in:


  1. Fried Food

  2. Pastries

  3. Pizza

  4. Crackers

  5. Cookies




Excessive calories from fast food meals can cause weight gain and obesity - where it increases your risk for respiratory problems such asthma. The overweight and shortness of breath might be noticed when you’re walking, running, or exercising. This risk of health is also more likely to arise more in children who ate fast food at least three times a week.


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