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Naturally sweetened with premium dates and turned into delicious snacks with a dash of Indonesian spices.

INGREDIENTS: Dates, almonds, cranberry, chia seeds, spices.


If you are looking for something extremely nutritious to give you an energy boost before your workout or as breakfast snack, our Almond Honey bars and bites are perfect. These snacks are moderately sweet with over 50% composition made from whole almonds. Flavored with raw, unfiltered natural bitter honey from the tropical archipelago of Sulawesi (East Indonesia).


INGREDIENTS: Almonds, dates, raw honey, sea salt.


Our coconut snacks are so simple but incredibly tasty. Can you believe that we only use 2 Ingredients? The bars are naturally sweet from  dates and mixed with coconut fakes. It's like eating a healthy Bounty!

INGREDIENTS: Dates, coconut.


Who doesn't like a chocolate snack? You can now indulge without feeling guilty as our bars have an amazing cacao flavor but we have taken out all the nasty ingredients harmful to your health. Made with organic cacao nibs grown in the tropical island of Bali, it will give you that extra boost of energy.

INGREDIENTS: Dates, raw unsweetened cacao nibs, chia seeds.


These snacks are designed to wake up your senses and boost your immune system. These snacks are a great diet companion as it helps with detox.

INGREDIENTS: Dates, cashew nuts, flax seeds, ginger.