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I'm Giulia, an Oxford University graduate specialized in Environmental Management with a passion in healthy eating. For the past 11 years I have worked as a climate change specialist but in 2016 I decided to quit my job to embark on a crazy but wonderful adventure called Mia Chia.


My interest in healthy eating started when my husband was diagnosed with gluten intolerance. Being Italian, over half of my native diet was inaccessible overnight. However, determined to make our diet as exciting and nutritious as ever, I enrolled myself at the Institute of Integrated Nutrition, NY.

It was during my studies that I realized that my daughter Mia, only 2 years old at the time, was being given sugary biscuits and cakes for mid-morning snacks at preschool. I just couldn’t believe that children at such a young age were being given sugar loaded, nutritional poor food! Then and there I decided to create my own snacks which would be tasty, healthy and nutritionally loaded with fiber, omega 3, calcium, iron and vitamins. The brand was to be called Mia Chia in honor of my little girl.

Hi I'm Giulia. I really hope you enjoy our snacks. Most of our product development is based from customer feedback and experience so please send us your suggestions, we would love to hear them!

We are proud to have an ALL WOMEN production team.


Real people trying to eat real food ...

One of Giulia’s priorities when Mia Chia started was to create employment opportunity for unskilled Indonesian women.


With this in mind, Mia Chia is proud to employ an ALL WOMEN team in its production, marketing and management.


We offer opportunities to young women and unskilled housewives.  Through training, team coaching and a lot of dedication we have managed to create a passionate group of women.