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Thanks for checking out our website, we are thrilled to be introducing Mia Chia, Indonesia's first gluten, dairy, egg, soy, peanut and JUNK free company. 


Our products have NO ADDED SUGAR and NO PRESERVATIVES aimed at providing your body and mind with the maximum nutrients to help you get through your busy schedule.

Eating healthy should be a joyful, nourishing activity for both soul and body. It should  be a happy experience to be shared with friends and family. That is why we have created NATURAL, RAW snacks to be shared with your loved ones.


Inspired by the amazing ingredients Indonesia has to offer, every flavor tells a story. Flavored with rich spices directly sourced from farmers in remote and pristine of Indonesia, we strive to create simple but memorable snacks.

While other snack brands may add artificial colors and flavors,  we don’t! Our recipes are simple: 2-5 high quality ingredients + love & hard work = Mia Chia delicious snacks.


Mia Chia are the perfect GUILT FREE SNACKS!




It is friendly towards people with various dietary needs – lacto and gluten intolerance, vegetarians and vegans.

It’s a great snack for athletes, hikers, climbers, gym enthusiasts or anyone with a dynamic lifestyle who needs a wholesome treat to power their day.


Most importantly it is a product that was originally created for KIDS, to fuel their busy schedule between school and activities.

We believe that our future is in healthy kids so helping to promote responsible eating habits and awareness is our duty to a sustainable and happy future.

High in fiber
High in Omega 3
High in Calcium
Plant based
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